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Owen Boss


Owen Boss is a Dublin based visual artist and designer.  In 2009 he co-founded ANU Productions.  His work is predominantly made as large-scale multi-room immersive installations and employs collaborative practice, ethnographic research, installation and film.  

His work with ANU includes: The Book of Names (Dublin Theatre Festival 2021) The Secret Space (Project Arts Centre, 2021), The Party to End All Parties (Dublin Theatre Festival, 2020), Intersection (The Lab Gallery, 2019), Scrapefoot (The Ark, 2019), Beyond These Rooms (Tate Exchange at Tate Liverpool, National Museum of Ireland, 2019), That Was Us (Oonagh Young Gallery, 2019), Faultline (Dublin Theatre festival, 2019), The Anvil (Manchester International Festival, 2019), Falling out of Standing (Dingle International Film Festival 2019, Light Moves Festival 2017, Damer House Gallery 2017), The Lost O’Casey (Dublin Theatre Festival, 2018), Falling Out of Standing (Dingle International Film Festival), These Rooms, (Art:16 Arts Council commission), Sunder (Dublin Theatre Festival), On Corporation Street, (HOME Manchester commission). Sunder Development (National Museum of Ireland), Pals the Irish at Gallipoli (National Museum of Ireland), Beautiful Dreamers (Limerick City of Culture), Vardo (Dublin Theatre Festival 2014), Angel Meadow (Home Commission, Manchester), Vardo Corner Development (Dublin Theatre Festival 2013), THIRTEEN (Dublin Fringe Festival 2013), Living the Lockout The Dublin Tenement Experience (2013) Boys of Foley Street (Dublin Theatre Festival 2012), Laundry (Dublin Theatre Festival 2011), World's End Lane (Re-Viewed - Dublin Theatre Festival 2011, Absolut Fringe 2010,), Fingal Ronan (Robert Wilson Watermill Center New York 2010) and Basin (Dublin Fringe Festival 2009).

Exhibitions include This is Not Architecture, Highlanes Gallery 2017.  A Yellow Rose, (the Free Mason’s Grand Lodge 2012), Contemporary Art and the Moving Image (2011), Life with Edits, (the Joinery Dublin 2011), Testimonial Live, (Project Art Centre for Project Brand New 2010), Testimonial (2010), Potential of Vacancy (2010), Projector, Four Gallery (2009), Camera Obscura, Lighthouse Cinema (2009), Punctum, Project Art Centre for Project Brand New (2008), Tumbledowntown, Hotel Ballymun (2007).

Design work includes The Same (Corcadorca, The Irish Arts Centre, New York, 2022, Galway Arts Festival, 2018, Cork Prison, 2016). Mabel’s Magnificent Flying Machine, (The Gate, Costume and set, 2021), Hail to the Great Wave, (Corcadorca, Triskel Art Centre, 2021), Contact, (Corcadorca, Cork Midsummer Festival, 2020).

Owen has been a recipient of a number of awards including an Arts Council Professioanal Development Award (2020), Visual Art Bursary (2017), a Project award, Artist in the Community Scheme Project Realisation Award (2015, 2012, 2008), an Arts Council Participation Bursary (2008), Artist in the Community Scheme Research and Development Grant (2006) and a Breaking Ground Local Artist Commission (2005). 

Episode 5


Louise Lowe, Owen Boss, ANU

Kennedy's Pub, Westland Row

5 October – 21 October 2022

#performance #cityscape #theatre #dance

Episode 10

The Death of Croppy Nelson

Owen Boss

Wilton Park, Dublin

13 February – 20 February 2023


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