The Wandering I
Episode 1

The Wandering I

Anne Enright
James Joyce Classroom, MoLI

the wandering i, curated by Anne Enright, is an interactive audio-visual experience, which uses eye-tracking software and responsive soundscape to show your unique reading of Ulysses – with one person admitted at a time.

We take our reading skills for granted, but it is not actually a plodding business of looking at one word and then the next - reading is a dance of difficulty, interest and delight. Our eyes skip and pirouette across the sentences, while our brains fill in the blanks.

And Ulysses is full of blanks: it is full of things we don’t entirely understand. Joyce demands that we figure things out for ourselves so, more than any other book, Ulysses happens in the reader’s head. This makes it a profoundly democratic work. Each unique reading makes Ulysses bigger, by the choices we make and the meanings we take, as our eyes move across the page.

Please note: The main route to the James Joyce Classroom is via a stairwell of 65 steps. Please contact us in advance if you are visiting us and have any mobility or access requirements to ensure we are ready to assist you in accessing the room on your planned arrival.

Anne Enright

ANNE ENRIGHT fell back to Ulysses in 2021, after a long break, and remembered just how good it is; how nourishing and exciting and inspiring it has been to readers and writers, especially Irish ones, especially those from Dublin - but lets not be too possessive, this is a book that gets around. Anne bought her first copy at the age of fourteen and is oddly proud to say she never studied it in an academic way until recently. She is a Dublin writer who lives in Dublin and whose work also gets around; it has been translated into 40 languages. Anne is now the age Joyce was when he died, after changing the history of literature, but she tries not to let that get her down. She is a Professor of Creative Writing as Joyce’s alma mater, UCD.

Anne Enright was born in Dublin where she still lives and works. She has written seven novels and two books of short stories. Awards include the Man Booker Prize, the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Fiction and the Irish Novel of the Year Award (twice). Her short pieces, fiction and non-fiction, can be read in the New Yorker, The London Review of Books, The New York Review of Books, the Guardian and the Irish Times. She is the editor of the Granta Book of the Irish Short Story and was Ireland’s first Laureate for Fiction (2015-2018). She is now a Professor of Creative Writing at UCD. Most recent publications are no authority; writings from the laureateship and Actress, a novel.

To mark a century of Ulysses, three of Ireland’s most innovative arts organisations and practitioners – ANU, Landmark Productions and MoLI – have joined together to present Ulysses 2.2, a year-long, nationwide odyssey of creative responses to the 18 episodes that chronicle an ordinary day in the life of Leopold Bloom.

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