Episode 1

the wandering i

Anne Enright
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the wandering i, curated by Anne Enright, is an interactive audio-visual experience, which uses eye-tracking software and responsive soundscape to show your unique reading of Ulysses – with one person admitted at a time.

We take our reading skills for granted, but it is not actually a plodding business of looking at one word and then the next - reading is a dance of difficulty, interest and delight. Our eyes skip and pirouette across the sentences, while our brains fill in the blanks.

And Ulysses is full of blanks: it is full of things we don’t entirely understand. Joyce demands that we figure things out for ourselves so, more than any other book, Ulysses happens in the reader’s head. This makes it a profoundly democratic work. Each unique reading makes Ulysses bigger, by the choices we make and the meanings we take, as our eyes move across the page.

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Live Performance
15 March – 20 March 2022
James Joyce Classroom, MoLI

Featured Artist

Anne Enright

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