Ulysses 2.2

1 book. 1 year. 18 artistic experiments.

The Domestic Godless


Domestic Godless (artists Irene Murphy, Mick O’Shea and Stephen Brandes), are an absurdist food/art collective based in County Cork, Ireland. Established in 2003, it has been their mission to explore the potential of food (its taste, its presentation, its history and its cultural values) as a vehicle for irreverent artistic endeavour and experimentation.

Recent commissions and events include: First We Eat, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, 2020; Café Abyss, Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture, 2019; Café Abyss, Athens Biennale – ‘Anti’, Athens, Greece, 2018; Domestic Godless Workshop, Vaaland Academy, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2018, The Food, The Bad & the Ugly, Galway International Arts Festival, 2018; The Expanded Field, Lismore Castle Arts, 2018; The Food, The Bad & The Ugly, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, 2017 (with published book); Gut Instinct, Glucksman Gallery, Cork, 2017; 'A Gastronomic Evening of Invasive Pests': Future Feasting at the Science Gallery, Dublin, 2016; 'Irish Breakfast Re-Invented'; Appetite for Design at The National Design Gallery, Kilkenny, 2015.


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