Ulysses 2.2

1 book. 1 year. 18 artistic experiments.

Evangelia Rigaki


Evangelia Rigaki has a diverse composition portfolio ranging from instrumental works to experimental music theatre, opera and dance. Her compositions are rooted in instrumental theatre, experimental music theatre and performance art. She is the Head of the Music Department at Trinity College Dublin, where she has taught composition and other subjects since 2010 and supervised a large number of undergraduate, MPhil and PhD composers. Selected operas and music theatre pieces include Bumblepuppy, libretto by WN Herbert (Tête à Tête Opera Festival 2008); Gesprekken Van De Ziel, after the song Hadith Al Rouh by Oum Kulthum directed by Sjaron Minailo (Operadagen Rotterdam Festival, 2008); Little Instruments of Apprehension, libretto by WN Herbert with choreography by Darren Ellis (Tête à Tête Opera Festival 2009); Exiles, directed by Sjaron Minailo (Babel Festival 2009); Lullabaloo, libretto by WN Herbert (Tête à Tête Opera Festival 2010); Professional Suicide, libretto by Tamsin Collison (Royal Opera House Linbury Studio 2011); Ode to Debt, libretto by WN Herbert (Crash Ensemble, Beckett Theatre, 2012); AntiMidas or Bankers in Hades, libretto by WN Herbert, directed by John Lloyd Davies (Opera Project Award Arts Council, Beckett Theatre, 2013); The Pregnant Box, text by Catherine Conlon & WN Herbert (2014); Mr Jean and Mr Jean, directed by Agnes Limbos (Lucilin Ensemble, Rottunde, Luxembourg, 2015); While the World Misbehaves, the Baby Must Hide in the Beehive, for six dancing percussionists and narrator/ conductor with text by WN Herbert (2018), This Hostel Life (after the book of Melatu Uche Okorie, libretto/ concept Evangelia Rigaki), installation opera, Irish National Opera, 2019.

Episode 18

Old Ghosts

Evangelia Rigaki, Marina Carr, Louise Lowe, Irish National Opera, ANU

MoLI - Museum of Literature Ireland

2 February – 4 February 2023

#opera #performance #experience #architecture

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