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Emilie Pine


Emilie Pine is Professor of Modern Drama at University College Dublin. Emilie was Editor of the Irish University Review (2017-21) and Director of the Irish Memory Studies Network (www.irishmemorystudies.com). She is PI of the Irish Research Council New Horizons project Industrial Memories on the legacies of institutional child abuse in Ireland. (https://industrialmemories.ucd.ie). Emilie has published widely in the fields of Irish studies, Performance studies, and memory studies, including The Politics of Irish Memory: Performing Remembrance in Contemporary Irish Culture (Palgrave, 2011) and The Memory Marketplace: Performance, Testimony and Witnessing in Contemporary Theatre (Indiana University Press, 2020). Her work considers the responsibility and labour of giving testimony, and the commodification of witnessing. In 2018 Emilie published her first non-academic essay collection, Notes to Self, which became a Number 1 bestseller. The book was shortlisted for the Royal Irish Academy Michel Deon award, and Won the IACI Butler Literary Award, the Sunday Independent Award for Best Newcomer, and An Post Irish Book Award Book of the Year, 2018. It has been translated into 15 languages. Her first novel, Ruth & Pen, was published in May 2022.

Episode 14

All Hardest Of Woman

Louise Lowe, Emilie Pine, ANU

The National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street

28 September – 22 October 2022

#performance #dance #architecture

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